Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is The ride?

Hattiesburg & Gulfport: A typical ride last approximately 1 hour.  

Where does the ride start?

Hattiesburg, Ms:  Train Depot (308 Newman St)

Gulfport, Ms: 1542 E. Beach Blvd Parking

How Athletic do you have to be to ride.

Joining a bike party at Magnolia City Rides does not require a great deal of athletic ability. The ride is a casual, slow paced excursion through the downtown area. We do recommend checking with a  physician before signing up for our tours.  

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes. BYOB(Bring your own bike) and ride for $5 

Is There a Age Limit for riders?

Magnolia City Rides allows for riders 18 and over only. All rides under 18 should be accompanied by an Adult. 

What should i Bring on my Ride.

You should just bring a party additude.

What shouold i Wear for my ride?

Just be comfortable. We encourage you to wear breathable flexible clothing which will allow you to move freely.